Many expect Michael Porter Jr to be “one-and-done” at Missouri and then he’ll move onto the NBA.  At yesterday’s SEC Media Day event, MPJ told reporters that he is interested in making his mark at Mizzou, even if that takes more than one year.

You’ll hear his comments on my podcast.

I thought the Mizzou-KU game had no upside, but after hearing different opinions from listeners and professionals in the media, there are many positives the basketball team can take from playing the Jayhawks in an exhibition game.

The Chiefs play the Raiders tonight.  I’m not too confident with a banged up offense but I think KC can win a low scoring game on the road.  The Chiefs’ dominance over the division is quite remarkable.  I’ll share the numbers.

The Blues are the team to beat the Central Division and more thoughts on why you need to scrap fundraisers for your kids.