Most of you disagree with me, but Alex Smith is proving my point that the Chiefs wasted a first round draft pick on a quarterback who can’t help them win a Super Bowl this year.  I hope it doesn’t come back to bite Kansas City.

Plus, I noticed something with Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football.  Once I point it out to you, it could change how you listen to the games.

Drew Lock and the Mizzou offense is one of the top teams in the country again for big plays from scrimmage, but it’s more of the same–Tigers look desperate and are pulling off big plays from scrimmage while playing in catch-up mode.

Cardinals fans who want to see the Cubs get bounced from the playoffs, this is the game the Nationals must win.  Former Mizzou star Max Scherzer was given a few days off to rest a tweaked hamstring.  If he can stymie the Cubs at Wrigley in game three, he’ll put the Nationals in a great position to knock off the World Series champs.

My college football predictions…all of them came true!  I’m back and you should be listening to my advice!