A domestic violence incident turned deadly this morning in mid-Missouri’s Jefferson City. Two police officers responding to a 911 call arrived on the scene with the suspect threatening them. They retreated.

Pipe-wielding man shot to death by mid-Missouri police officers

The suspect began to barricade a stairwell to prevent officers from returning. He broke out a number of windows with a metal pipe, telling officers to shoot him. The suspect then emerged and charged at the officers, causing them to move out of the building and into the street. Although they retreated, the suspect, armed with a pipe, continued and advanced upon the officers. They fired their guns – striking the suspect.

The 40 year old white male was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The department says it has responded to numerous disturbance calls at the residence, the last time in June when the suspect wielded a knife and a baseball bat. During the incident, the man charged at officers with the weapons, threatening to shoot them if they returned near his property.

The Highway Patrol will conduct an external investigation in conjunction with a Jefferson City internal investigation. The officers are on paid administrative leave.