Barry Odom wasn’t complaining.  He wasn’t looking for pity.  Odom was laying out his case as to why he’s the guy who can turn the Mizzou football program around.

Odom went on a four-minute rant defending his program.  He was talking to three different groups:  The fans, media and administrators.

Heading into a bye week after a 1-3 record, Odom passionately laid out his reasons for why he was the right guy for the job.  He needed to remind a fan base that was hopeful for 6-8 wins this year, that it might not happen.  He reminded the media of his past experiences of playing and coaching in programs that were in rebuild modes.  He wanted to be out in front of those who would question whether he is the right guy for the job.  Lastly, he may have publicly been speaking to A.D. Jim Sterk.  As crowds diminished at Faurot for the last four weeks, Odom needs Sterk in his corner.

I loved the post-game speech.  If you’re a fan you should have loved the speech. You have a coach who showed some fire and let you know that he’s not satisfied with the state of the program, but that’s what he was dealt and he’s ready to take on the challenge.  He believes the turn around will happen.  He’s asking for a little more patience.