Marijuana wax is a new, stronger version of cannabis that is gaining popularity in Missouri. Macon interim police chief Adam Dawdy tells Missourinet Moberly affiliate KWIX that the new form is becoming an increasing concern for law enforcement in northern Missouri.

Enhanced version of marijuana appearing in Missouri

“It’s actually a marijuana concentrate,” says Dawdy. “It’s a very potent form of marijuana.”

A typical marijuana joint’s purity level is about 20 to 25%. Marijuana wax has a much more intense.

“We’re actually seeing purity levels anywhere from 30-99%,” says Dawdy.

He says butane is used to get the potency out of the leaves – making the process very dangerous.

“You have a lot of explosion issues similar to a methamphetamine lab that people don’t realize when they’re doing this that butane is coming out and is getting to floor level,” says Dawdy.

Marijuana wax is referred to as butane hash oil, honey oil, butter wax. It’s coming here from states such as Colorado.