After my horrible week of going 1-4 with my college football picks, I seek redemption and give you my picks on four key games this weekend including the hyped SEC matchup between #23 Tennessee and #24 Florida.

Look, I’m not sure what I was thinking but I went 8-4 for Mizzou this year.  I said Purdue was a no-brainer win back in August.  Now this game will be a little tighter, but I have faith that Barry Odom can rally the team for a much needed confidence boosting win.

Chiefs will go 11-5 this year…this is not one of the games they will lose.  Arrowhead, high temps, it’s all favorable for Kansas City.

My baseball expert Jeff Wilder, a confirmed Cubs homer, even thinks the Cardinals win this weekend’s series at Wrigley.  Can’t say I disagree with him.  Plus we look back on a memory when I tried to brand Jeff’s arm like he was cattle!