St. Louis city circuit attorney Kim Gardner believes her team has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that former police officer Jason Stockley is guilty of first-degree murder. A judge has cleared Stockley in the shooting death of an African-American man. Lamar Anthony Smith, 24, was shot and killed in 2011 while Stockley was chasing him.

St. Louis city circuit attorney Kim Gardner

Gardner wants independent investigations of officer-involved shootings.

“Right now, the police department investigates themselves,” says Gardner. “So if we want to have a fair and unbiased investigation, we need to address that investigation so we can pursue justice fairly, regardless of the outcome.”

She says dashcam video of the Stockley shooting is an example of why there must be change.

“The videotape does not lie,” says Gardner. “There were concerning things that I saw.”

Gardner would not elaborate on the evidence she’s referring to.

Hundreds of protesters are making their voices heard today in St. Louis in response to the verdict.