I’ve had a couple of friends who are big Mizzou fans ask me what happened with the firing of DeMontie Cross?  Why did it go down now, two weeks into the season?  As a sports reporter I have no facts to go off of, other than what we heard from head coach Barry Odom which is that there were philosophical differences between he and Cross.

However, this is a podcast and I am free to offer up some theories on how this could have gone down.  Regardless of my scenarios, all eyes are squarely on Odom who many feel he’s using Cross as a scapegoat.  I don’t buy into that opinion.  I thought Mizzou’s defense played better, but if they are exposed by Purdue and a first-year head coach, the problem falls solely onto Odom and that could be detrimental moving forward.

Both the Cardinals and Royals don’t care about the team’s leading their division.  With trips coming up to Cleveland and Chicago, both of our teams are solely focusing on themselves.

Alex Smith isn’t getting wrapped up in AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

Denny’s has unveiled a new mascot.  It’s a sausage that looks like something else.  Awful marketing or brilliant? I think it’s genius.