I was against the Chiefs drafting Patrick Mahomes.  They needed a player who could make an impact this year on defense, but the pick may actually work out.  Alex Smith looks like he’s playing with a point to prove.

Drew Lock has told us he’s matured, so has head coach Barry Odom and offensive coordinator Josh Heupel.  Conventional wisdom tells us the Tigers defense is going to be giving away points and yards to the South Carolina Gamecocks.  If Lock doesn’t force the issue and plays a clean game, Mizzou will win.  The game is squarely on the shoulders of the QB.

My wife may have asked one of the silliest sports questions ever and I give her a 7.5 out of 10 on sports smarts…this one blew me away and it led to an argument!

Former President Jimmy Carter looks great. I’m not sure why they marched out George H.W. Bush for a hurricane PSA.

I offer my college football predictions for the week and offer video evidence of why you should pay attention to what I say.  I kind of know what I’m talking about…sometimes.