Seth Merenbloom from talks Tiger fans off the ledge after Saturday’s poor performance by the defense in Mizzou’s win over Missouri State.  After we had a chance to let that game soak in, we both agree the defense is not that bad.  However, they still have issues that need to be corrected. You can listen to our conversation on week 2 for the Tigers, plus Seth thinks at some point, Mizzou will get their due respect from the rest of the SEC.

If Jason Vargas would have just been a little bit better in the second half of the season, the Royals would be in a better playoff position.  After going 12-2 with a 2.22 ERA, which let’s admit was way over his head, Vargas has gone 2-7 since with a 4.23 ERA.

I wasn’t leaving the Cardinals for dead at the start of September.  Only two teams to catch for both the division and wild card with ground that could be made up in a week’s time.  For much of the season, fans have been down on this club, but the newbies may breathe new life into the club at the right time.

My early pick for winning the World Series has always been Cleveland.  Talk about playing good baseball at the right time, the Indians just won their 13th in a row.  Plus, did you hear how the Red Sox cheated?  What is it about pro teams from Boston?