I am laboring away for you on this Labor Day holiday…eh, don’t feel sorry for me I get a comp day out of this.  So I thought, why not throw a podcast up on the sight.

After I’ve had a good day to digest what I saw at Faurot Field, I can offer my insights:

1)  As bad as the numbers were, I’m going to chalk up the defense’s ugly first half in part to taking Missouri State lightly.  However, I saw missed tackles, blown assignments and if this wasn’t a wake-up call then it truly will be a long season.

2)  I think the offense looked as good as you would expect against an FCS opponent.  I believe they can continue that against South Carolina

3)  I’m not concerned with this first SEC game as I am with the game the following week when the Tigers host Purdue.

What do you think?  You saw the game.  Talk to me on Twitter @Missourisports or better yet, I’ll put you on the podcast.  Call my comment line at 573-556-1212.  What did you see and what do you think Mizzou’s record is capable of this season?