I told you yesterday I thought it was a little cheap if Matt Carpenter was only donating 10 grand for every homer to help Houston when he’s making $10 mill.  Wainwright and the Cardinals up the ante…now they’re making an impact which is exactly what I said yesterday before Carpenter hit his first charity homer.

Mark McGwire broke down and cried when he admitted he lied and cheated with steroids in baseball.  I play the biggest and best baseball bawler of all time.

Danny Duffy fell asleep at Burger King, got arrested for a DUI.  He faced the media with GM Dayton Moore and released a statement…but what if Duffy had to apologize directly to the fast food chain?  How do you think that would sound?  It’s another edition of “Misery Theatre.”

Year three for Drew Lock as a starting quarterback at Mizzou. He’s ready to go and if the offense stops shooting themselves in the foot, it could be a monster year.  You’ll hear Lock on the podcast!

Listener discretion advised!