The Royals are a mess.  They are closing in on a MLB record for most innings without scoring a run and wait until you hear what their batting average is during this four-game shutout streak.  I explain why the worse thing to happen to this ballclub was their nine-game win streak.  You ask how is that possible?  I’ll explain.

Mark McGwire was voted into the Cardinals Hall of Fame.  Did the fans and a baseball writer in St. Louis forget that he cheated?  I’m mad…as a baseball fan we were duped, not once, but McGwire and the other cheaters tried twice to pull the wool over our eyes.  He and the rest of the cheaters should be in the Hall of Shame.

Matt Carpenter of the Cardinals is being hailed a hero for offering to donate money for every home run he hits now to the Houston relief efforts.  His teammate Adam Wainwright is going to chip in as well.  Seems like a very noble gesture, until you really start to break down the numbers.  That’s exactly what I did.