Ahh, the click bait headline got you here!  How’s Bill going to rip on the curators?  What controversy is Bill starting with Missouri State and Mizzou?  (Its really not that bad…but if you’ve never listened to my podcast, today is a great day to start)

There will be no drama, no need for concern…yeah yeah the MU Board of Curators are going to cast their final vote for $98 million in Memorial Stadium upgrades for Mizzou football…of course they’re going to approve this…its an easy spike the football vote!

Did Missouri State receive special instructions to keep their hands off Mizzou QB Drew Lock?

I’m back on the “Fire Matheny” wagon.  Actually I’ve been driving that wagon since May…you may have hopped off during the 8-game win streak, but there is plenty of room for you to jump back on.

St. Joe estimated between 50,000 and 500,000 people would show up in their town…I said all along there is no way a half-million people would come there.  Still a good turnout, but my prediction was right.  My predictions are always right!

If you spent any money, either betting on or to watch the pay-per-view of the Mayweather-McGregor fight…you’re an idiot.

Radio host, TV actor Jay Thomas died of cancer at 69.  He always told a great story of his run-in with the Lone Ranger on David Letterman. Hilarious Story…RIP Jay.