Apparently many of you do not agree with me on my assessment of ESPN and the handling of the “Robert Lee” game.  That’s fine, I can take the opposition.  I’ll just add a quick follow up to the story and then we’ll move on.

Eric Hosmer and Greg Holland were besties when they both played for the Royals.  Then Holland took a better deal to play with the Colorado Rockies…Last night the good buddies faced each other in the bottom of the 9th inning.  ADVANTAGE–Hosmer!

Two stories about Chiefs Hall of Famers…one had his ring stolen, another saved a pregnant woman.  I’ll share those stories.

A Michigan man has been released from prison after he was convicted in the 1995 killing of a man who said he had a crush on him in him on national television.  Whatever happened to the show’s host, Jenny Jones?  I’ll tell you.