Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley contributed to speculation he going to run for U.S. Senate by saying very little Thursday at the state fair.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley

Hawley appeared at a Republican rally at theannual event in Sedalia today, where he joined all the other GOP members who hold statewide seats.

He’s been so strongly encouraged to run against Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill that he’s established an exploratory committee.

Several weeks ago, four influential former Republican Senators signed a letter asking him to put his hat in the ring.  Just earlier this week, State Treasurer Eric Schmitt, who’d met with national Republicans to discuss Senate run, announced he’s backing Hawley.

When asked if he had a time table for entering the race, Hawley gave a time tested answer.  “I don’t have anything to add on that” said Hawley.

When reminded that the conservative Club for Growth had just raised $10 million to support his possible Senate bid, he doubled down on his response. “I have nothing new to add on that”.

While running for the Attorney General’s office just last year, Hawley said “Jefferson City is full of career politicians just climbing the ladder, using one office to get another”.  Although he won’t say so yet, Hawley could be closer than ever to climbing the ladder.