The Missouri Highway Patrol says a third person has been charged in connection with the death of Clinton, Missouri Police Officer Gary Michael.

27 year old Jacob M. Johnson

27-year-old Jacob Johnson of Clinton has been charged with hindering prosecution of a felony.  He’s accused of giving Ian McCarthy a ride out to the Bucksaw area, where McCarthy was eventually taken into custody Aug. 8th. Johnson’s being held on a $25,000 cash-only bond.

Johnson was first arrested on August 9, three days after the Sunday when Officer Michael was shot and killed during a traffic stop. Records show he was released on August 11.

The Highway Patrol says he was taken back into custody in Henry County and booked at 6:40 p.m.

Ian McCarthy was charged last week with first degree murder in the shooting of Michael during the traffic stop.  He’s alleged to have jumped out of his car and fired at the officer before driving a few blocks, crashing the car and fleeing on foot.  Before dying, officer Michael returned the gunfire, wounding McCarthy.  McCarthy was arrested after a two-day manhunt.

William Noble is accused of throwing the rifle used by McCarthy into a body of water, knowing it had been used in a crime.