On one hand, I wanted to shake Chiefs and NFL fans for living and dying from every play–good or bad–made by the teams this weekend.  It’s week one and fans we’re cheering and/or cursing their team.  I just want to say, folks it was only week one.

Then on the other hand, I get it.  There are people who love football and missed their team so they’re just excited about the upcoming season.  That’s where my issue lies with Mizzou and college football.

Programs across the country are keeping the media out of practices with more and more frequency.  Yet, for a team that went 4-8 last year and needs all the help they can get with firing a fan base up, why not let the media help?

I am getting a little burned out (excuse the pun) on all the talk of the eclipse…but my guest today as me all excited about this rare event that will be passing right overhead in Jefferson City, Missouri!