Did you know the Tigers played the first football game in Mexico City?

Did you know the Tigers-Jayhawks rivalry has been so nasty, it led to an on-court fist fight?

Did you know one of the greatest coaches in the history of Mizzou, couldn’t win a bowl game?

Did you know there actually was a time that the Tigers could be Alabama in football?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, you are either a liar or you’ve already read Brendon Steenbergen’s book “Mizzou Sports Through The Ages.”

Brendon joins me on the podcast and we talk individuals and teams that make up the unique history of Missouri athletics.  One big takeaway for me in that through the years, while there have been national championships, the University of Missouri has suffered many “close but no cigar moments.”  I’m not just talking about SEC or Big 12 title games under Gary Pinkel or the famous 5th down game…it runs much deeper.

Enjoy our conversation.