I always thought the career of Phillies catcher Darren Daulton was a little sketchy.  At the age of 30, the guy went from hitting barely double digit homers and barely above his weight in batting average to crushing home run totals in the mid 20’s and knocking in over 100 RBIs.  His forearms were the size of thighs.

Then there was Don Baylor…he had to have one of the biggest heads in baseball.  He also had to have one of the biggest targets on his back.  He was plunked 267 times over his 19 year career.

I look back and share my thoughts on the two former major leaguers who died this week.

When a team is putting up double digit runs, everything is fine and dandy…just ask the Royals who recently had a nine-game win streak.  The Cardinals are going through a power surge, but what happens when they score less than 11 runs per game?  Can they keep their momentum and make a run at the Central…absolutely!