Ferguson Police Department Commander Frank McCall, Jr. says his agency will be appropriately staffed for this week’s three year anniversary of Michael Brown Jr.’s death. On Aug. 9, 2014, former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Brown to death – leading to national outrage and several days of violence and protests in the community. The 18-year-old Brown was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

A woman holds a sign behind a mask near the area where Michael Brown Jr. was gunned down. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

McCall, who has been with the department for about 10 months, says officers have been actively involved in the community to try to ensure peace this week.

“The one thing I can guarantee is that if there is events within the city limits of Ferguson, the people participating with get the best quality of service,” McCall says.

McCall says he will call in off duty officers if necessary. His department has also contacted the St. Louis County Police Department in case additional help is needed.

“It would be irresponsible for us as a police department to not prepare, because we want to maintain a high standard and quality of service to the people who reside and come to our community,” says McCall.

He has heard of all positive plans that aim to bring people together this week.

“We are firm believers that you don’t police your community, you police with your community,” he says.

Several community events are scheduled in honor of Brown, including the annual Michael Brown Justice Walk on Wednesday.

In December 2014, a grand jury announced it would not indict Wilson for shooting Brown. The decision sparked additional violence and protests in the community.