Yadier Molina took to Instagram again posting a photo of him and former Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo with the caption:

“Missing this man right here, “secret weapon” old school baseball.

Does Oquendo want to manage?  I bet he does. He got overlooked when the club turned over the Ferrari to Mike Matheny who has dented and bumped the fenders more than a few times around the block.

Now, does he have someone on the inside stumping for him to replace Matheny?

The excuses come pouring in from John Mozeliak on why no deals were made for a team that is just 4 1/2 games out of the playoffs.  Upper management is ready to concede the season and/or hope their minor league prospects pull off a miraculous comeback in the NL Central.

Has the Steve Bartman saga finally ended with the Cubs in Chicago?