Before yesterday’s game with Arizona, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny eluded to the fact that Yadier Molina was tired and was getting the day off.

That apparently did not sit well with Molina, who spent the evening in the Cardinals bullpen that was awkwardly explained by Jim Edmonds on Fox Sports Midwest as needing two catchers down in the bullpen in case two arms got warmed up at the same time.  Maybe I buy that excuse in the sixth inning…not the first.

Molina took to his Instagram account to counter Matheny’s claim:

“I train to play 174 games because that’s what it takes to be a champion.  I’m not tired and the day I feel tired I’ll express it myself.”

This is much like Tamba Hali airing his disagreements with Andy Reid’s decision to play him in only seven plays of the playoff loss.  Hali is an 11-year vet who wants to play, but it’s Reid’s decision how he is played.  No biggie.

Same here.  Yadi is a 14-year vet who wants to play everyday.  Salvador Perez will lobby with Ned Yost that he wants to catch every day in KC.  Same scenario, but as the manager Matheny has to make that decision when to sit Yadi.  That’s his call.

What I question, is how does Matheny take a bat out of the lineup that went 7 for 16 in his last four games?  There’s the issue and that’s what I discuss.