Quit saying “Mizzou basketball is going to surprise people this year.”

They’re not.  They’re stacked with talent and have the best freshman in the country.  Teams that had Mizzou on their schedule and marked down an easy W will now go back and circle this game on their calendar.  It doesn’t matter…they’re still going to be a really good team this year.

I not one of these guys who gets too excited about recruiting news.  When I heard Pinkel landed DGB, that was big news…he was the best high school player in the country at the time.  When Michael announced he was coming to Mizzou, I got pumped.  So I didn’t get overly giddy with the rash of 3-star commits pledging their loyalty to the Tigers in the last week.

However, there was a recruit from Blue Spring who re-committed to the Tigers.  I’ll tell you why I think that’s exciting news and it’s not just because he’s good player.

Plus, will you think twice about getting on a carnival ride after the accident in Ohio?

There has been a spike in births in Chicago and it comes exactly nine months after the Cubs won the World Series.  I’ll share some of the odd names babies may be taking on in the Windy City.