Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe

Visitor safety remains at the forefront of preparations by Missouri State Fair organizers, especially in light of this week’s fatal carnival ride accident at Ohio’s state fair. Missouri State Fair director Mark Wolfe says a ride similar to the Fire Ball will not be in Sedalia this year. He says the deadly incident is a tragic reminder of the need for such regulations.

“They pulled that ride off line obviously while this investigation is going to see if there’s a mechanical or an engineering error that caused the accident,” says Wolfe.

He says Missouri’s stronger requirements means inspectors will begin their checks when rides arrive on site.

“If you’re operating an amusement ride in the state of Missouri, you’re required to have an independent, certified inspector of your own. Of course, the Missouri Fire Marshall’s Office also has inspectors that are on site during the course of the event,” says Wolfe.

State law requires daily inspections before the midway opens for business.

About 350,000 visitors are expected at the Missouri State Fair from August 10-20 in Sedalia.

By Kyle Hill of KDKD radio