Tugging at the collar of his shirt and tie numerous times and speaking with a bad case of dry mouth, 39 year old Brett Veach looked and sounded nervous as he was formally introduced as the Chiefs next general manager.  But Clark Hunt is confident he has the right man in place.

“To the Chiefs Kingdom, this is a very challenging profession,” Veach said. “Your passion motivates me every day and it’s very inspiring.”

Veach’s strength comes in player evaluation and that seemed to be the same type of GM that John Dorsey was.  When it came to salaries and managing the salary cap, that may have been Dorsey’s downfall.  Veach says he is confident he can manage.

“My job is to articulate the vision for next year, two years, three years. … But I do understand the cap, and I do understand player value, and I do have a plan.”

Veach will take core principles he learned from Dorsey, but add his own wrinkles to how things should be done and says he will not be a Yes Man to head coach Andy Reid.

“I don’t think Coach would have respect for me if I just said “Yes yes yes” for 10 years,” he said. “We have a great deal of trust and respect.”

After the press conference, Veach said he was leaving for St. Joe where training camp begins later this week on the campus of Missouri Western.