Listener Steve tweeted at me last night:  Seriously. HOW FREAKIN STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO CALL A HOOKER ON COMPANY PROPERTY!?!?! U-N-R-E-A-L

That’s what Ole Miss (or as I like to refer to them as…Ole Mess) former head coach Hugh Freeze did.  Made some questionable phone calls on his university issued phone and he was forced to resign late Thursday night.  This takes some of the off-season tabloid heat off Mizzou heading into fall camp.

SIDE NOTE:  Freeze was Michael Oher’s high school coach who was featured in the movie ‘The Blind Side.’  Hours before Freeze’s resignation, the Carolina Panthers cut Oher.

Saturday, the big Carroll-Bowers Alumni basketball game at Mizzou Arena.  Laurence Bowers gave DeMarre Carroll top billing for their fundraising game so he could have the first pick in the draft of 24 former basketball and football players in tomorrow’s game.  Laurence tells us who he picked with the first selection!

The Royals are interested in Cardinals starter Lance Lynn.  He might become available at the trade deadline if the Cardinals don’t climb out of a fourth place hole in the Central Division.  Jeff “Wild Thing” Wilder talks about the four-team race in the Central.  It’s Cardinals-Cubs this weekend…let’s get pumped.

(Listener discretion advised)