The Royals are just good enough to ruin Dayton Moore’s chances to improve the team for 2018.  Only three games out of first place, if he starts trading away starters, he’s going to kill off his fan base, but if he sticks with this current roster he’s going to finish with a .500 team that loses out to the Cleveland Indians.  It’s a bad situation for Kansas City moving forward.

I read a series of tweets where someone justified Cardinals pitcher Seung-hwan Oh’s troubles based on a “leverage index.”  In geeky baseball terms, a formula to determine the number of times Oh is brought into a pressure situation and because he comes into games in high pressure situations his failures are going to be magnified.

Look, I’m going to break down Oh’s struggle with two simple common sense points.

I’m also going to break down Jason Vargas’ two-game meltdown in simple terms.

I thought I was missing some kind of a joke or promotional gimmick when I saw on Twitter that Taylor Swift was being carried around in a suitcase…Some “news” site tried to push this off as a legit story…AND SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT!