The Springfield Art Museum has changed its security measures in response to artwork stolen last year of Andy Warhol. Some people, like regular Larry Clutter, tells Springfield TV station KOLR that unseen security is making the biggest difference.

Springfield Art Museum increases security after Warhol theft

“They’ve obviously taken security guards who used to sit up right in the front little area, and moved them back to some area where they have a private office and I’m sure they’ve got umpteen more television screens and cameras,” Clutter says.

It’s something Clutter, who visits monthly, says he’s picked up on.

Joshua Best, the Development and Marketing Coordinator for the Springfield Art Museum, says regulars like Clutter are sure to notice a change.

“We’ve also added additional gallery attendants, who are there to answer questions, that can also help monitor activity as well,” Best says.

Clutter says, “The monitors, kind of just watch you, but they’re friendly and if you have a random question they’ll help you with that.”

The museum also changed its hours.
“We open at 10 in the morning now instead of 9, but we’re open later in the evening,” Best says. “And that extra time in the morning helps security staff go through all the procedures that they need to to get us ready to open up.”

Although you probably won’t see flyers anymore, asking for information about the stolen Andy Warhol prints, that doesn’t mean they’ve been forgotten.

“Most of those changes happened as a response to the theft last April,” Best says.

So where are the stolen Warhol soup cans now?

“People are always curious,” Best says. “Warhol is a big name. Unfortunately the case is still open.”

Clutter has one theory.

“It’s probably in Beijing or Seoul or Tokyo now,” Clutter says. “Fifty years from now somebody will die and then they’ll discover it again.”

There is a reward for any information about the theft. Contact the FBI’s Kansas City Field Office to report any information.

By Lauren Barnas of KOLR TV