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Hard to believe it was almost 14 years ago when New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe “Get ’em on the” Horn pulled out a cellphone from the goal post padding after scoring a touchdown and made a pretend phone call.  At the time, Horn’s stunt was called classless.  What we saw in last night’s All Star Game will go down as classic.

Seattle’s Nelson Cruz came up to the batter’s box in the sixth inning and reached into his back pocket, an area usually reserved for an extra batting glove or maybe a half a bag of sunflower seeds.  Out came a phone.

Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was shocked when Cruz asked Yadi to snap a picture of the slugger and home plate umpire Joe West.

After his at-bat, Cruz spoke with Ken Rosenthal during the Fox Sports’ broadcast.

“Well, it was on my mind earlier,” Cruz told Rosenthal. “They told us you don’t have the phones in the dugout, and I was like, OK, they don’t say the field. So I come up with that. I’m a big fan of Joe, he’s been around for a while, so I was like, I have to do this.”