Ahhh, the Shark photo.  The questions just won’t go away for Florida football coach Jim McElwain and it’s ridiculous that he is still being asked about this.

In case you were living under a rock like I was (I had no idea the MLB All-Star game no longer determined home field advantage for the World Series), here’s the very brief story… a couple of months ago this photo of a naked guy lying on top of dead shark in the back of a boat hit the internet.  The rumors or joke started circulating that it was McElwain.  The coach was asked about it in May, said it wasn’t him…tried to drop the story.  Should have been the end of it.

Then, Tuesday at SEC Media Days, the question came up…again.  McElwain became emotional…and now the media is beating him up over his response or the way he’s handled a non-story about him that he keeps getting dragged into.

It’s not about being compared to a naked fat guy.  I think this goes deeper than that for the McElwain family.  For all of you who jumped on the bandwagon of calling him a p***y, I’ll try to explain.