Legislation establishing a “Blue Alert System” was signed into law Thursday by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R) in St. Louis.

Gov. Eric Greitens (R)

Greitens, who campaigned on a law-and-order theme, says the bill will promote public safety and protect police officers.

The governor signed the bill at the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy.

The bill establishes a “Blue Alert System” to aid in the identification and location of anyone suspected of killing or seriously injuring a local, state or federal law enforcement officer.

The bill also establishes the Blue Alert System Oversight Committee.

State Reps. Justin Hill, R-Lake St. Louis, and Shamed Dogan, R-Ballwin, sponsored the bill, which also contains an amendment from State Rep. Nicholas Schroer, R-Ballwin. The Schroer provision increases the penalties for assaults and other crimes on first responders.

Dogan tells Missourinet the bill had bipartisan support. He also notes two St. Louis police officers who were ambushed in the line of duty attended Thursday’s bill-signing ceremony.

Several other lawmakers attended the ceremony, in addition to Hill, Dogan and Schroer. State Reps. Derek Grier, R-Chesterfield, Marsha Haefner, R-Oakville, Karla May, D-St. Louis and Donna Baringer, D-St. Louis, were there. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (R) also attended.