A renovation project starting soon to Highway 65 in Springfield will cause major traffic delays for thousands of drivers this summer. MODOT’s Garen McElroy tells Springfield TV station KOLR the $8 million project will be divided into three phases on both southbound and northbound lanes between interchanges starting July 10th.

Photo courtesy of MODOT

The first phase, which includes repaving roads and ramps and guard rail repairs, will force drivers to find alternate routes for 7 to 10 days.

“A lot of folks have also asked why we need to close all three lanes one at a time and the biggest reason we’re doing this is safety.” says McElroy.

The second phase will start from Division to Chestnut and the third phase will start from Chestnut to Sunshine.

“We will have assigned detour from 65 which is I-44 to James River freeway back to southbound. This is the detour for truck traffic and folks traveling through Springfield. The local folks, you know they know their way around the side streets and the other major routes that we have like Glenstone or Kansas,” says McElroy.

There will also be temporary traffic signals at the affected intersections in anticipation of increased traffic.

“Once we have a brand new set of lanes on 65, it should last us another 40, 50 years.” says McElroy.

MODOT expects the project to be finished by September 1.