Yesterday I questioned the University of Missouri’s plan to rent out their dorm rooms for football games and the FANS HAVE RESPONDED.  Many of you think this is a good idea and a great way to not only help the university but stimulate the local economy.

I see the news today that the university has set a record of receiving over $50 million from donors for the athletic program.  I think the university is missing the big picture with trying to get into the hotel biz when money is pouring in at staggering rates.

Trump and the Cubs in the White House?  Could you imagine if you woke up from a coma after five years and saw the Cubs, the World Series Trophy and Trump standing in the Oval Office?  You would think someone was playing a trick on you.

The Cardinals won last night…during postgame interviews they were playing “Jessie’s Girl” from Rick Springfield which had me thinking, what music can get you through the last 30 minutes of a long car ride?  I’m set to go on vacation, I’m offering you the best 9 songs to help you on your final leg of your summer vacation trip!

What are your must have road trip songs?  Reach out to me on Twitter @Missourisports