I don’t wish any ill-will on the University of Missouri, but after reading and listening to more details come out about renting unused dorms during the football season, the more and more I think this is a bad idea.  This just opens up the university for another public relations night mare.

They’ve already sold out for two weekends, but even if they sell out an entire weekend (for two nights) for each of the seven football games, they’re recouping the cost of just a few students they’ve lost due to lower enrollment for 2017.  My estimates show less than 1.3% recovery.

The University, known for its great education should not be competing with the hotel business.

Single beds, no TVs, no breakfast.  How well does Mizzou’s $120 per night bed compare to some of the 1 and 2 star hotels in the Columbia area…not well.  I looked at prices and accommodations around Columbia for Homecoming weekend…there are still some good deals and comfy arrangements for just a little more money per night.

The university admits “This is not hotel accommodations,”