Marcell Frazier, a senior on the Mizzou football team, took to Twitter earlier this week to say that he would not be speaking the local media this season.  He feels like they’ve (I guess me included) been too harsh on incoming basketball freshman Jeremiah Tilmon after he was cited for a minor in possession of alcohol last week.

I’ll look at both sides of the story and while I respect Marcell’s decision, I don’t think the local media went on a witch hunt.  We reported the story, but there could have been serious consequences and this is more than just a “teenager with a beer.”

Who inside the Cardinals clubhouse gave a vote of confidence on Matt Adams to the Atlanta Braves coaching staff?  Did the club give up too soon on Adams in St. Louis?

The Blues and the rest of the NHL have new jerseys.  My daughter says they look like cheap knockoffs.  I don’t like the road the NHL is headed down and I’ll explain the real reason for the re-design.