Tempers erupted during Tuesday’s Missouri House floor debate on abortion.  Democrat Tracy McCreery of Olivette and Ash Grove Republican Mike Moon exchanged barbs when she characterized his belief that women who are raped should bring babies to term as “extreme”.

Representative Mike Moon (photo courtesy; Tim Bommel, Missouri House Communications)

Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette
Photo courtesy; Tim Bommel)

The two lawmakers spoke on top each other in heated tones for the better part of a minute.

Moon is a firebrand pro-life advocate who sponsored a measure this year which stated that personhood begins at conception, and contained language outlawing abortion.  He was also behind a bill to install a display on the history of abortion at the state capitol.  Neither measure moved in committee.

The southwest Missouri Republican released a video before the current special session began that many people found disturbing.  In it, he chopped the head off a live chicken and dismembered it while referencing his pro-life stance.

Moon sits on the Children and Families Committee, which crafted the proposal the full House approved Tuesday.  In committee, Moon voted “present” on the bill.

His animated dialogue with McCreery occurred while House members debated his amendment to implement what he called “due process” for the unborn into law.  Lawmakers rejected the proposal.  Listen to the Moon-McCreery below: