Back in mid-April Royals fans were asking me, “How long before GM Dayton Moore starts selling off the team?”

The Royals will not be selling.  After a 7-2 road trip, they’ve gotten themselves right back in the AL Central hunt and Ned Yost could care less that the team if finally starting to meet outsider’s expectations.  Hear what he had to say.

If I was told, Carlos Martinez, Adam Wainwright and Lance Lynn would pitch a series and the Cardinals would hit 12 home runs, I would predict a three-game sweep.  Instead, they lost two out of three.  Mike Matheny is staying positive and he thanks the offense.  Hear from him.

On Friday’s podcast I said I was off my game.  I forgot to ask for your best dad stories.  Now is your chance.  Let’s honor dear ol’ dad like we did mom.  Call in with your story and we’ll share on the podcast.  Call 573-556-1212.  I’ll tell you why you should never turn down dad’s advice!  My best sports memory with my dad.