Alison Dreith

A video of state Rep. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, killing a chicken has received more than 41,000 views on Facebook and is circulating among local and national media. In the video, Moon says Republican Governor Eric Greitens is taking him away from farm work to return for a special legislative session about abortion laws. Moon is a strong pro-life advocate.

Alison Dreith with pro-choice group NARAL says Moon is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and is disconnected with reality.

“These are two totally different things. One, we are talking about a fetus and a woman’s private decision along with her family and her doctor to terminate a pregnancy. The other one, gutting a chicken on Facebook live to prove a point against abortion and the governor are two totally different things,” says Dreith.

She criticizes earlier comparisons by Moon about abortion.

Mike Moon

“Mike Moon compared sperm to tadpoles. Also two totally different things. Frogs have their own sperm,” says Dreith. “This is a man who has routinely compared abortion to slavery and the Holocaust and the Dred Scott case.”

Dreith says the video is horrifying.

“When I saw the video I just lost it and it took me a while to get myself and my thoughts back together. It’s a typical act of theatrics that we routinely see from Rep. Moon,” says Dreith. “The only thing more absurd than that video is Mike Moon constantly calling to ban all abortion in this state.”

In the video, Moon says he is filing a bill to ban abortions in Missouri. The legislation would likely be challenged in court because of a 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortions nationwide.

Moon has not returned requests for comment.

An earlier Facebook post by Moon criticizes two Branson teens arrested on suspicion of killing a cat.

Warning: This video is graphic.