Remember when Royals fans were asking when Dayton Moore was going to have a fire sale and start selling off the team?  And that was on April 15th?  Now they’ve won two in a row against the Astros, with the best record in baseball. Wait until you hear this…but the Royals and Cardinals are one in the same.

I told you don’t buy the hype of Dexter Fowler coming into that Cardinals clubhouse and fixing the mood by being someone who would keep things light and upbeat.  Players were all giddy at the beginning of spring training about how much more fun things would be.

I said back in February on this podcast, “Wait until the team goes through their first six-game losing streak,  you’ll see how much fun they’re really having.”  My guest today confirms what I thought all along…Mike Matheny has sucked the fun out of the clubhouse.

Bob Stoops is retiring from Oklahoma.  There is not shocking news, he’s not running from a controversy.  He’s leaving because he’s smart.  I’ll explain.