Football is back to the way we loved it.  First, they’re allowing the ball to be used as a prop for touchdown celebrations.  I thought that was great (that’s sarcastic), now news that Hank Williams Jr and his theme song are back for Monday Night Football.  I guess after sinking ratings, ESPN is overlooking the comments Hank Jr. made about President Obama.

I think Jeremy Maclin getting cut is not such a bad thing after all.  He’s injury prone and his production dropped.  Now the Chiefs save some money.  Britt Zank covers the Chiefs for, I’ll ask him if this is a good move.

The Cardinals are slump busters.  After getting swept by the Cubs, the Redbirds blew another lead late.

And add another reason why Wayne Gretzky is the Great One.  He fires back a great one-liner at Charles Barkley.