Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday in Clayton in the trial of a teen accused of sodomizing some of his younger teammates during an alleged hazing incident at Principia High School.

19-year-old Joshua Paul Brewer is charged in St. Louis County with four felonies: two counts of sodomy and two counts of attempted sodomy.

St. Louis County prosecutors say Brewer allegedly sexually assaulted students in 2014 at a football camp at Principia High School in Town and Country. The incident was described as a “summer camp hazing incident.”

The “St. Louis Post-Dispatch” has reported that five students were charged with raiding dorm rooms during an August 2014 summer sports camp, then pulling younger teammates from their beds and sodomizing them with different objects.

The newspaper reports three of the suspects took misdemeanor deals for ten days in jail and probation.

A fourth defendant, Maverick Holmsley, was convicted of sodomy and attempted sodomy and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Holmsley, who’s incarcerated at the Farmington Correctional Center, is appealing his conviction.