University of Missouri System President Mun Choi will reveal this afternoon the fiscal year 2018 budget plan. It’s expected to include leaving unfilled hundreds of positions and also slashing many occupied jobs. Media reports say some lobbying and communications staff positions have been cut.

Dr. Mun Choi (Photo courtesy of Peter Morenus/UConn)

In a press release from the system, it says Choi “will outline the reallocation and strategic investment decisions made at the campus and system level which support the University’s areas of excellence and its critical mission of teaching, research and outreach.”

The university’s money problems are in part due to a 6.7% reduction in state aid and declining enrollment. The Columbia campus is projected to have a $55 million budget shortfall next year from enrollment and revenue declines and what it calls unavoidable expenses. Those include utility increases, required repairs, program investments and a stipend for graduate assistants.

The system is increasing tuition rates by 2.1% to help make up for revenue losses.

It’s unknown whether program cuts will also be a part of the budget plans. In March, Choi said he’s not taking any options off the table.