Keith Guttin was a baseball player at Missouri State, an assistant coach and since 1983 he’s been the head coach of Bears baseball.  For the third time in six seasons, he’ll lead the Bears into NCAA regionals in Arkansas.  So I had to ask him, how does a program that is surrounded by SEC and Big 12 programs continue to have so much success?

He’ll also tell us his approach for this tournament that will feature Oklahoma State, Oral Roberts and Arkansas.  The Bears have played all these teams and went 1-3 during the regular season.  Coach will tell us what that means for this weekend.

Mr. Met, the smiling, lovable mascot for the New York Mets got fired for flipping the bird to fans.  I’m siding with the mascot, I think he was harassed and shouldn’t have lost his job.

Did you hear about the hillbilly who blew $700 on tickets to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals to throw a catfish on the ice in Pittsburgh.  He’s being called a hero in Nashville.  I think he’s an idiot.

I’ll always defend Michael Jordan over Lebron, but I feel for him and his family after his home was vandalized.  After you hear this story, throwing a dead fish on the ice doesn’t seem all that bad.