I pulled off my best impressions of an elderly man this weekend.  I hurt my back pulling up my underwear and yelled at fast food restaurant manager.  Was I justified?  I’ll tell you the story, you decide.

I’ve said on my podcast, the Royals can’t determine if they’re sellers in the baseball market until early July.  With Danny Duffy, their ace out six to eight weeks, we’ll find out by the All-Star Break just how bad things are in Kansas City.

Randal Grichuk is only 25 years old, so the fact he’s going to A-Ball to work on his swing shouldn’t be a big concern, but it’s his second demotion and he’s a former first round draft pick.  Are the Cardinals giving up on their right fielder?  I’ll discuss.

Plus, the best part of the Bryce Harper-Hunter Strickland brawl…was it Buster Posey not even taking his mask off?  How about Mad Bum hiding in the clubhouse.  Nope, the best was when two Giants teammates blindsided one another jumping into the melee!

Tiger Woods says alcohol was not a factor in his DUI arrest.  Next he’s going to tell us he’ll catch Jack Nicklaus for the major’s record.