I have no doubt the Cardinals and Chicago Cubs will pass Milwaukee in the Central Division. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reds pass the Brewers the fourth place. I see the Central Division being a two-team race between the Cardinals, with their dominating starting pitching and the Cubs, with their high octane offense.

I’ll explain why I think the Cubs will have the upper hand during the regular season, but if these two teams meet in the postseason, the Cardinals would gain the edge. I’ll explain my theory.

I just made an appearance on Missourinet affiliate KWOS on their morning show on Wednesday and talked about how Mizzou Athletics can turn around the perceived bad image of the university and why it’s important for schools to have successful football and basketball programs. Then, I read a story in the Kansas City Star that athletic director Jim Sterk feels the same way.

For those of you who feel it’s unfair that academics and other areas of the university are suffering from cutbacks while athletics continues to expand, I’ll explain how and why athletics need to be successful for the overall good of the university.

Did you hear Shaq and Charles Barkley get downright nasty with each other? I’ll play their not so playful exchange that almost led to a food fight.