Blake Harris, new Mizzou guard wrote a great open letter Tiger fans.  He’s ready to bring a winner to Columbia.  I’ll read the finer points of memo to Missouri.

One of my listeners on the Bill Pollock Show feels a statue for Norm Stewart is unnecessary, saying the floor is already named after Stewart and no NCAA title or Final Four hurts his legacy.  If I needed to I could argue both sides of the story, but I’ll share the reasons why Stewart absolutely deserves a statue in front of Mizzou Arena.

CBS announces a 10-year extension to air the Army-Navy football game.  My thoughts on that game.

A man fell over a railing at Wrigley Field and died this week.  Why Major League Baseball is wrong for the way they try to protect their fans.

IMPEACH TRUMP!  That’s the battle cry that has supporters worried and opponents angry.  I’ll use a sports analogy of running basketball’s four corners offense to explain why We The People need to settle down and relax.