Mizzou will build a statue of Norm Stewart…but they want you to pay for it.

The athletic department released the following statement:

“Fundraising and building of support around our men’s basketball program for the project is underway. Plans and approvals still need to happen on campus for location and finalization of a statue. Obviously, we’re confident a lasting symbol of the impact that legendary head coach Norm Stewart had on Mizzou Basketball and the state of Missouri, as a whole, would be well received by our fans and the people of our state.”

Exciting news that they hope to have completed as close to the start of the basketball season.

Chiefs QB Alex Smith knows his days are numbered in KC.

Jason Vargas has been pitching out of his mind until last night, but over his 3+ years in KC, he’s been stealing the Royals money.

I ripped the Cubs for whining about the strike zone at Busch Stadium this past weekend…I’m not letting Mike Matheny get away with it.

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