If you’re baseball fan, you’ve called umpires every name in the book and they are the worst people to step foot on a baseball field.  When something tragic happens, it hits baseball fans square in the gut.  That’s how I reacted when I heard about the death of Steve Palermo.

One of the most well respected umpires of his time, my view of umpires really changed after 1991 when I read the story that Palermo was shot and paralyzed while trying to break up a robbery in Dallas.

On today’s podcast, we’ll hear from Royals Hall of Famer George Brett on Palermo and I’ll share a story I read about the type of man he was on the field.

I told you on Friday’s show how my mom heckled me from the bleachers when I was pitching in an eighth grade little league game.  So I will have a couple of callers who share their best Mom/Sports story in honor of Mother’s Day.  Hey, any mom who would defend taking her son to the World Series in front of the principal is a winner in my book!

Finally, Cardinals beat the Cubs twice…I’m telling Joe Maddon and his players to STOP WHINING!!!