A day off for the Cardinals could not have come at a worse time.  When a team is winning and on a roll they want to keep playing.  With six wins in a row and an edge over the Central Division, the Cardinals want to keep this momentum going and it’s an important weekend to send a message to the Cubs.

Meanwhile, Chicago fans are waiting for the weather to warm up and for their team to come out of their World Series hibernation.  After a brutal week that included an 18-inning game and a double header, the Cubs needed the rest.

Two teams going in different directions less than 40 games into the season and the Cardinals hope to have that trend continue.

I’ll break down the weekend with my Central Division correspondent Jeff Wilder.

***Editor’s NOTE:  Thanks to listener Scott for pointing out that Michael Wacha, who was scheduled to start on Saturday against the Cubs, will be skipped to give him extra rest. Carlos Martinez will make the start instead. Even better news for the Cards!

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